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Outside links of interest

Outside links


Why I make you write things down instead of photos.  Really?  You look at the information later?  Part of learning is not the information, but puting the information into a concept.

Why I don’t let you listen to music.  Student:  “but I study better when I listen to music.”

No you don’t.

Student, “yes I do, I’m special”  Of course you are.  Just like 80% of drivers say that they are above average.


A Vintage Radiation chart.  If I ever teach physics again, I will use this.  Every time they master a section we fill it in.

Visual Chemistry

Youtube videos
SciGuys  people who have ideas that can be done anywhere

How to study

Making a tool kit from Adam Savage

Stuff they don't want you to know, a series. 

Things of interest

A lesson plan template I developed.  In Excell