Outside links and apps

Internet apps and add ons

Web sites 

I have used

Bond with James youtube channel  I use his TpT site for many things.

Shoutkey lets you shorten a URL and sets a timer on it.  The links are words instead of random letters and numbers.

Awesome Drive, this lets you edit word documents that are in Google drive

Google Templates Instead of emailing everybody a copy, simply share the template.  it is part of Google Drive

Kahoots An online quiz programs

Students Kahoots 

I have not used yet

Picktochart this makes syllabi, posters or websites.

Storyboard that so students or teachers can make things.

Nearpod this is a question maker

triventy, this is like kahoots and lets students interact.

Lucidchart Will make flow charts and diag

Flippity How to make flip charts

Raw Shorts This makes videos with cartoon type images.  

Animated book covers for Libraries

Chalkup This lets you have a text and allows people to comment on it.

Tagxido makes word wall.  A colleague uses this as a "get to know me " idea.  It was printed and put on the wall.


Google apps for teachers

Add ons for Google

Choice eliminator.  Let us say that you have several projects for students to do. You load them into Eliminator, as they are taken, they are removed from the choices.  This is good for scheduling appointments also.  Among other things.

Connected Mind this helps students make mind maps

super simple highlighter This lets the user highlight text online.

Orange slice will make rubric for grading and let you return it

GradGopher this will move your google docs from one account to the other.  Teachers and students move and our stuff is on a google account for the school or college.

Incognito will let a  person put up a new window without any logging is.  This lets students log on your computer or,...you can set up things and run them through yourself.

     up on the right side where you click for new window, it says "New incognito window"