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Environmental Science



Explaining latitude and longitude, and again

Video on latitude and longitude

Warner brothers song on nations This is now out of date for it does not have the former Soviet Republics.

Peter's projection from west wing

film on vintage globemaking

topography video 1

Topography video 2

Topography w/s 


Quiz worksheet

Reading from 

Make a foldable atmosphere

foldable questions

video instructions for foldable


Weather Map symbols


Interpreting a weather map

Online test for symbols


"Quiz worksheet


today p 66 #1-4, p 84 #19

"The Theory of plate Techtonics"

Geosphere foldable

Video Pangea

Lab Earthquakes

Iris Hotspot videos  and question sheet

Modeling tectonic plates with geobloc, coloring and building from printed paper

Modeling tectonic plates using playdough.



Rock cycle

foldable for Rock Cycle

ticker tape timeline  a graphical idea of the age of the earth


Biome review

Biome project



Evolution for 2016

charting Darwin's voyage

Darwin’s journey  a web quest of Darwin’s ideas

Darwin's finches

Concept map

Vocabulary of Ecology and evolution

Malthus and population What part of population trends influenced Darwin

Question sheet about Malthus

Active Reading Evolution Review and explaining the vocabulary of evolution

Quiz w/s Ecology

Human Population

Human Populations pyramids

Graphining human Populations

Ecology W/S beginning introduction to ecology



Test Review

Social ways

Hungry planet


Investigate the relationships between human consumption of natural resources and the stewardship responsibility for reclamations including disposal of hazardous and non-hazardous waste

Air pollution

p 320 #20- 26

air pollution and acid rain p 313 1-3 , on question 1 and 2 give 3 effects and 3 health problems p, 317 1-3